[962011] Offroad for Rotors Brake ディスクローター バイクマスター BikeMaster-その他



Kawasaki/Suzuki Front Offroad Brake Rotor
・ BikeMaster M.A.S. Technology (Maximized Area of Surface)
・ Made in Spain

KDX125 90-99
KDX200 95-99
KDX220R 00-03
KDX250R 1992
KDX250SR 93-96
KLX250R 93-98
KLX250S 93-96
KLX300R 97-07
KLX650R 1996
KLX650R 93-95
KLX650R 97-01
KX125 03-05
KX125 87-02
KX250 85-88
KX250 89-02
KX500 86-04

RM-Z250 04-06

Manufactured by one of Europe’s premier disc brake expert; an O.E.M. manufacturer to many well known brands. Totally integrated manufacturing with control over every aspect of the product, using the latest technology in materials, processes and finishes. The very latest in German aerospace materials and ISO-certified quality management. Laser-cut for accuracy to the ten thousandth of an inch. Utilizes CNC billet-machined aluminum for accuracy, strength and lighter weight (where applicable). Designed and developed specifically for increased braking ability and longevity. Computer aided design ensures maximum strength and minimum weight. Specially ground to guarantee perfect concentricity and parallelism to prevent warping. Contour rotors offer an increased edged surface area for cooling efficiency and excellent clean-out.


[962011] Offroad for Rotors Brake ディスクローター バイクマスター BikeMaster-その他

[962011] Offroad for Rotors Brake ディスクローター バイクマスター BikeMaster-その他

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